This past Sunday, April 3 was the rehearsal of the Battle of Lexington.  Jeff Engel and I went to the Lexington, Massachusetts, Battle Green, to shoot some video of the event and to make a promotional video of myself introducing the Virtual American Revolution project. After several takes of me fumbling with my words, Jeff was able to video capture something decent. I used iMovie on my iMac to make the video clip.  I apologize for the amateurish look but I’m a professional virtual tour photographer, not videographer, lol.

Every year, the re-enactors try different things to make it a little bit of fun for themselves so there is typically an element of humor.  You’ll see it in the right foreground in the video shown.

The actual re-enactment takes place on Patriots Day at 6 am. Here is a link to the events at Battle Road.